“The entire training was extremely valuable. It was great!”

Cpl. Courtney Lumpkin, Peachtree City Police Department

“Excellent training opportunity for anyone in or going into a leadership role.”

Cpl. James Hughes, Peachtree City Police Department

“The training was very informative and very well presented.”

Communications Officer Rhonda Moore, Roswell Police Department

“A different view of training on leadership. Most classes show the big picture, but omit the way to get there. This provides the tools to get to a higher place. Thanks for a great two days.”

Assistant Chief Jim Boshell, Dallas (GA) Police Department

“I read the book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. I like the teachings and wanted more. This training was great.”

Sgt. Maurice Bradford, Alpharetta Department of Public Safety

“Learned that becoming a good leader starts now, and with starts with me and trying to make better decisions. It also opened my eyes to see the similar challenges the people from other agencies have that are similar to ours.”

Sgt. Ashley Henson, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office

“I am preparing for a promotion, and wanted to improve my leadership skills and style ahead of time. This is the second John Maxwell class I have been through. I find the classes engaging and full of useful information which I have applied and continued to apply in my everyday job.”

Communications Supervisor Kyle Nunziante, Roswell Police Department

“Class was more than expected.”

Det. Tracey Richie, Cobb County Police Department

“This is hands down the best leadership course that I’ve attended. It did a lot to address things that are more than “common sense” concepts to supervision.”


“I’ll be able to take this material and put it to work right away. A lot of the information applies directly to skillsets that I need to develop and grow.”

Sgt. David Strickland, Federal Reserve (Atlanta) Police Department

“I have a better understanding of what I need to work on to become a person of positive influence/best leader I can be.”

Sgt. Heather Scott, Peachtree City Police Department

“I really enjoyed meeting new people and breaking out into groups. Enjoyed receiving a book vs. always having to buy training aids. Enjoyed multiple motivational quotes.”

Lt. Robert Dorsey, Cobb County Police Department

“The patience you took to teach, coach, and guide us about leadership principles will help develop us so we can develop others.”

Lt. Floyd M. Scott, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office

“It opened my eyes to the fact that I didn’t take enough interest in the off-duty aspects of my employees.”

Sgt. Chris Evans, Roswell Police Department

“After being passed over for many promotions, it was good to hear and be reminded that you don’t have to be in a certain position to be a leader. There are many things that can be done from the bottom level to earn respect and lead others.”

Supply Clerk Kristy Hartzell, Cobb County Police Department
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