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7 Steps to Being a Better Listener


If there is one thing I’ve learned in my line of work it’s this: Listening is an essential skill for success. I’ve spent 24 years in law enforcement and I can tell you, you don’t get confessions from criminals if it’s you doing all the talking. It’s impossible to solve cases if you don’t really hear [...]

7 Steps to Being a Better Listener2019-04-24T10:50:47-04:00

The Secret Ingredient of Leadership- Attitude


I recently attended an international training conference, where I had the opportunity to see two different presenters speak on virtually the same topic.  Both were very well qualified – experts in their field.  Both had well-designed presentations, and both knew their subject thoroughly. One had a very successful and well-received presentation.  The other one did [...]

The Secret Ingredient of Leadership- Attitude2018-09-06T10:53:38-04:00

Leadership In A Nutshell


A quick look in any bookstore (or Amazon, if you prefer) reveals literally hundreds of different diet books.  Whether it’s Atkins, Keto, Vegan, or South Beach, each diet takes a different approach to nutrition.  At its core, though, losing weight boils down to only four words: eat less, exercise more.  When all is said and [...]

Leadership In A Nutshell2018-09-06T10:53:26-04:00

What I’ve Learned About Leadership


After studying, practicing and teaching leadership for over a decade, I have discovered many people have an incorrect understanding of what it means to be a leader. Leadership is not about attaining a title, recognition or status; it’s about serving others. When we hear the phrase “servant leadership” it conjures up the image of inmates [...]

What I’ve Learned About Leadership2018-09-05T19:35:42-04:00