“Well put together and taught. It will help in my day to day.”

Sgt. Richard Ricketts, Cherokee County Marshal’s Office

“This class helped by giving me more tools to become a better and more well-rounded supervisor.”

Dep. Andrew Smith, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office

“Very good information. Highly recommended.”

SSgt. Jason Garner, USAF

“Spot on! I found the teambuilding helpful. 10/10”

Sgt. Linda Whritenour, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office

“Team building aspects opened up new methods of communication. It helped organize my leadership skills. Thank you for the course.”

Cpl. John Ritch, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office

“The class was great. It was on point and gave different views. It was organized and Tony knew the material. The information could be relevant to anyone in any division.”

911 Deputy Director John Potrzebowski, Roswell 911

“Very good workshop. Very useful information. Several aspects of the class will help me do my job much better.”

Capt. Clint Lankford, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office

“Interesting because it encourages student interaction, but not in the standard warm and fuzzy way. Helpful because of the focus on the team.”

Sgt. Pat Banks, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office

“This workshop was great. I learned a good bit to help me be a better leader to my troops.”

Lt. Dwayne Casteel, Cherokee County Marshal’s Office

“Eye opening. It exposed my weaknesses as a team leader and member. The instructor was engaged in our team activities, knew his material, and was interested in improving our teams.”

Records Supervisor Lisa Sheirling, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office

“Good class. Gave me some great ideas.”

Chief Deputy Chad Hunton, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office

“Great information to bring back and share with others. Very insightful and applicable to the job.”

Sgt. Joey Bankston, Kennesaw State University Police Department

“Very good; lots of good information. Well researched and prepared. Will help me relating to the teamwork aspect of my job.”

Asst. Chief Bill Gorman, Dallas (GA) Police Department
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