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GUARDIAN LEADERSHIP presents 360° Leadership -a workshop designed to help you expand your influence from any position in the organization. Most people believe leadership travels in only one direction: from the top down. This premise is incorrect, as it assumes that all leadership is positional (based on the title of “leader”). 360° Leadership will teach you that influence, not position is the key to successful leadership. No matter where you are in the organization, you can learn to lead in every direction by becoming a person of influence. Whether someone is “above” you, “below” you , or “beside” you, you can influence them in a positive way. 360° Leadership creates greater employee empowerment and productivity, producing positive results for your organization.

During this TWO-DAY interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • The value of increasing your influence at every level of the organization
  • How to identify your current level of influence
  • Methods to expand your influence with others
  • Practical strategies for leading down, across, and up in any situation
  • How to overcome the challenges of a bad boss
  • The importance of instilling a culture of 360° Leadership


  • $289 before August 9th
  • $269 Multi-Agency discount* (5 or more)
  • $359 after August 9th

*Multi ticket discount is auto applied in your cart

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