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GUARDIAN LEADERSHIP Developing a Culture of Leadership Excellence Workshop is intended for participants who want to learn how to intentionally foster a positive culture through role modeling, creating shared values, and by inspiring and empowering their employees to galvanize commitment and achieve organizational goals.

This TWO-DAY interactive workshop will explore the value of:

  • Cultivating a climate conducive to leadership growth and development
  • Clarifying and communicating a purpose that resonates with others
  • Defining and articulating a vision for your team and organization
  • Creating shared values to galvanize commitment
  • Achieving success in terms of a team
  • Building a safe environment for taking risks and learning from failure
  • Developing a successive leadership culture that lasts for generations
  • $199 On/Before September 17th
  • $189 Multi-Agency discount* (3 or more)
  • $249 After September 17th

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