“The two-day training was fantastic, and I will recommend anybody within my sphere of influence to attend.”

Lt. Stephen Land, Gwinnett County Police Department

“I really enjoyed this training and my hope is to at a minimum send every officer under my command through it. I really believe this training would benefit the younger officers who don’t necessarily understand what an influence they have on their coworkers every day. I believe if we develop leadership early, we can change the negativity and unwanted culture that exists in every department, whether or not we as departments will actually admit it. I truly enjoyed this training and hopefully will be able to attend additional training from your group in the future.”

Lt. Matt Brookins, Gwinnett County Police Department

“I loved the Developing the Leader Within course I attended in Jonesboro and I passed along my thoughts on it to my Chief.”

Capt. Craig Bogden, Pooler Police Department

“The course was extremely helpful to my current position as it covered many areas of leadership and reinvigorated my vision and purpose. I will recommend this training to my colleagues.”

Capt. Mike Matics, Decatur (GA) Police Department

“Extremely useful. Enjoyed learning more about myself. Provided tools to use to better work with others positively. Thank you for providing a program that we can take back to our job and personal lives to improve our lives.”

City Clerk Julie Sanders, City of Watkinsville, GA

“I really enjoyed this workshop. The practical scenarios were very useful and provided an opportunity for all to be involved. The content will be very helpful in many areas.”

Sgt. Kathryn Smith, University of North Georgia Police Department

“Gave me better ideas how to prioritize my goals and make them more attainable. Very informative, and much needed in this field. Both instructors were very knowledgeable, and took time for questions. Great class!”

Major Myron Walker, Lawrenceville Police Department

“Really outstanding. Great content and instruction. Reinforces what you already know, and feeds you ideas that are new to you as well. So very helpful.”

Sgt. Charles Hutchens, Clayton County Police Department

“I changed some of my behaviors immediately after the first day. The Socrates Triple Filter Test is great! Five stars! Frank’s personal story was captivating. His presentation was hilarious.”

Det. Thomas Reimers, Clayton County Police Department

“I am very pleased with the workshop. Very informative and made me think of news ways to approach things. It provides a great starting point to help me address current issues.”

Sgt. Christopher Cato, Jonesboro Police Department

“Outstanding! Valuable, practical and timely information. Thanks, and I’m hooked!”

Deputy Chief Investigator Lois V. Woods, Clayton County Solicitor General’s Office

“This training fills a void in law enforcement supervision/management classes. Excellent information.”

Chief Investigator Brian Busch, Clayton County District Attorney’s Office

“Instructors were able to provide practical examples and guidance to complex leadership concerns. Instructors demonstrated a high level of knowledge in the area of leadership.”

Chief Information Officer James Brown, Georgia Bureau of Investigation

“Very well done and touched on issues that I’m currently dealing with. No question the instructors have knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Chief Brian Sims, Mount Zion Police Department

“I thought the class was very impressive and very practical for use with any agency.”

Sgt. Chris Masters, Richmond County Sheriff’s Office
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