“I am always trying to improve myself. This class showed me I’m on the right track. Thank you for doing this class.”

Sgt. Karen Carr, Roswell Police Department

“I identified with a lot of points made and discovered the need for severe and immediate changes! You guys are awesome and probably saved my job! You rock!”

Records Supervisor Angel Hall, Cobb County Police Department

“Excellent class! I would highly recommend it to any person aspiring to be a leader.”

Sgt. Andrew Noblett, Milton Police Department

“The information provided was helpful and easy to understand. There were several small suggestions that really made me understand small things I can do better.”

Sgt. Justin Snyder, Roswell Police Department

“The two-day leadership class provided me with a renewed understanding of what leadership really is (influence and relationship) and a wealth of information to help me evolve into a great leader. This class is a “must-take” for anyone who wants relevant training to prepare to be an effective leader.”

Lt. Evette McKenzie, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office

“This course is outstanding for new leaders as well as experienced leaders.”

Det. Paul Reid, Roswell Police Department

“The whole course was great. I especially liked the emphasis on connecting with people. Most courses tell you not to, so it was a great point to learn that it is necessary to know your employees.”

Communications Supervisor Amanda Orren, City of Roswell, GA

“I am currently on a promotional list and feel that this course will help me in my future.”

Cpl. Colin Jaacks, Roswell Police Department

“Outside of Marine Corps leadership training, this is the first civilian workshop that really drives home the importance of trust and influence. Great job!”

Sgt. Jason English, Roswell Police Department
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