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Leaders of all ranks consistently rate dealing with problems employees as one of their top challenges. How do you handle the employee with a negative attitude? How can you best motivate the nonproductive worker? What approach should you take when dealing with a toxic team member?

Problem employees are a drag on any organization. Bad attitudes, improper conduct, or lack of productivity can destroy team cohesion, damage morale, and can lead to an increase in the departure of valuable personnel.

This class focuses on proven leadership techniques for creating accountability, motivating others, and improving performance. During this two-day workshop, students will learn how to address problem behavior before it reaches a critical stage; ways to improve those “difficult conversations”; effective goal-setting to help address poor performance; and a realistic approach towards motivating employees to achieve results.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for anyone in a leadership position

What You Will Learn

  • The Four Types of Problem Employees
  • Don’t Pass the Buck – the Consequences of Non-Accountability
  • The Accountability Cycle
  • Creating a Motivated Workplace
  • Resetting Expectations and Establishing Realistic Goals
  • Dealing with Negative Attitudes
  • The Radioactive Employee Problem
  • Handling the Toxic Team Member
  • Evaluating Performance
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