-A defender, protector, keeper

At Guardian Leadership, we believe all public servants are “Guardians.” It is the Guardian’s responsibility to care for those they serve more than anything else, and to be people of the most impeccable character. Guardian Leaders understand that leadership is about serving others, not themselves.

The Guardian’s Path is a leadership training program designed to develop leaders at three levels: Self-Leadership, Team Leadership, and Organizational Leadership.

The Guardian’s Path consists of three courses:

  • Developing the Leader Within
  • Developing the Leaders Around You
  • Developing a Culture of Leadership Excellence

Each course builds upon the other, aiding leaders in expanding their influence and impact.

Developing the Leader Within– Principles of Personal Leadership

What is the key to improving your leadership? Improving yourself. All impactful leadership begins with a thorough understanding of self-leadership.

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Developing the Leaders Around You

What separates good leaders from great leaders? Their ability to multiply other leaders. The success of your organization is dependent on the leaders around you.

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Developing a Culture of Leadership Excellence

How do you build and sustain a great culture, or strengthen a culture that is lacking? The answer lies in leadership. Leadership is the single largest factor affecting organizational culture.

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Any individual who successfully completes “The Guardian’s Path” will receive our signature Guardian Leader Award.

This award will be presented to the recipient upon completion of the final “Guardian’s Path” course. Plaques will not be awarded until all three courses have been completed.
If you have questions about the “The Guardian’s Path” or the Guardian Leader Award, please contact us at

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